art commissions

brightening up your home or business

I love doing commissions! It’s so much fun creatively to work from another person’s brief and I find it incredibly rewarding getting to know my clients and then making them happy with the final piece of art. Have you ever wished you could have a truly personalised fun family portrait to liven up your living room or some bespoke feature artwork to personalise your home office? Well, I’ve done lots of quirky family portraits where the individual members are represented by their chosen animals doing their favourite activities and I’ve painted surfboards, skateboards, bicycles, guitars and furniture with special designs commissioned by my clients. As far as I am concerned, no idea is too strange – just send me an email and we can talk through all the possibilities! For more information on the commissioning process, check out my commissions blog entry.

I’ve also created commissioned artwork for a number of small businesses looking to add some extra character to their shop/café/office that reflects their ethos. For a great case study on how I can help your business freshen up its appeal, see this business branding blog entry about working with my lovely local bike shop.

Commissions are time-consuming, so I’ll need plenty of notice so I can schedule the work in around my other artist commitments. The price depends a great deal on the size and complexity of composition as well as the chosen medium – whether it’s oil paint on canvas, woodwork paint plus varnish on bespoke items, or a digital design printed onto metal, paper or canvas. Most of my commissions are from £500 for digital design work and from £900 for painting projects. If you are interested in a commission then simply send me an email with your rough idea and I will reply with all the options available to you including the various price implications. Check out these testimonials for first-hand descriptions of what it’s like getting a decobike commission.

I have also had the pleasure of being posted children’s drawings by clients so I can work on them digitally and create fun prints from the original artwork. If you’d like to make a bold print celebrating your child’s drawings, please email me with a picture and I’ll talk you through the process. See a couple of brilliant examples below: these were both printed on thin metal sheets but could just as easily be Giclée printed and framed (such as the three framed prints beneath).