Branding your business can be easy and fun – honest!

There is a noticeable backlash to bland corporate branding and instead people are looking for local, friendly, small business alternatives – by commissioning me I will help capture the distinct personality of your business and create artwork that communicates this unique character to your customers. It’s been a real pleasure working with fabulous bike shop Cadence, from creating personalised artwork for their shop floor reflecting their informal and caring ethos, to designing their new logo based on the quirky shape of the shop windows, painting signs and creating their branded clothing, plus undertaking interior design for their bike showroom. It’s everything a good partnership should be – they come to me with various challenges and then I go away, mull it over, go back to them with my vision and then if they give the go-ahead I get busy creating the solution. Please take a look at the photos below showing some of the fun and varied work I’ve made for them.