So what exactly is a commission and how does the process work? Commissioning an artist is an exciting way to create a bespoke piece of artwork based on your own design concept. I have a really varied portfolio of design work, from my popular fun family portraits, to weird and wonderful commissions including tattoo sleeves, painted surfboards, wall murals, branded clothing plus the more typical prints and canvases. If you have an idea for a painting or design then simply email me with your potential project and we can talk through the possibilities, cost, and timeframe it will take to create. If at that point you’d like to go ahead then I produce an initial sketch of the final design and once we agree on the rough composition I get to work on the finished piece.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing commissions for wedding anniversaries, Christmas and birthday gifts as well as for businesses and families. Artwork can be in the form of a painted canvas, framed digital artwork or my frameless metal prints – which with their clean lines and incredibly vivid colours are proving very popular at the moment too. If your commission is for a gift then I can do this as a surprise for the recipient or liaise with that person to create artwork in a colour scheme and dimensions that would suit where it will be positioned in their home. I’ve been commissioned by grandparents/parents where I’ve spoken with their grandchild/child to get a sense of a picture that truly reflects their own interests. I have many years of experience teaching and mentoring kids so I always make sure that it’s a really special experience for them being involved in the design process.

A decobike piece of feature art brings individual character to your home or business with my colourful bold designs providing a fun talking point. Why not liven up your Zoom meetings with one of my commissions as your backdrop or generate some buzz in your shop or café by reflecting what you’re all about through my bespoke artwork?  I am in the fortunate position of being able to pick which work to take on so if I agree to a commission you’ll know it is a project I really care about and will throw myself wholeheartedly into it. I genuinely treasure the friendships I form with the people who commission me.