Mounting your print is really straightforward, just follow the steps in this simple guide.

The photos below correspond with each step to make it super clear and the whole process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.


  1. Set up on a flat clean surface with a pair of scissors, ruler, pencil and acid-free mount fixing tape (you can buy acid free tape at your local craft shop or online).
  2. Identify the front of your mount, it is the side with the bevelled edge.
  3. Turn the mount over so you can work on the back.
  4. Make pencil marks following the lines of the mount cuts.
  5. Repeat this on all four corners.
  6. Carefully pick up your print and position it so the corner slightly overlaps your pencil lines (on the photo I’ve turned the print over just so the print stands out against the mount).
  7. Position the print (picture side facing down) so each corner equally sits just inside these lines.
  8. Use acid-free tape for attaching your print to the mount.
  9. Tape down one corner.
  10. Carefully tape the rest of the print ensuring the print remains flat.
  11. Turn over the mount to check the position of the print is well balanced with no gaps between the print and the mount cut-outs.
  12. Pop the mount and print into the frame, face down.
  13. Secure the backing card with metal fasteners.
  14. Hang up your print and admire!